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You want a beautiful home that meets your needs and serves your family well. You long for a home that you can feel both proud of and comfortable in. You desire for your home to be a place of warmth, welcome, joy, and peace. You've scoured Pinterest and shopped the home sales, but after trying to do it all yourself, you're left feeling frustrated and confused.  I'm here to help!

if you're tired of feeling discontent with your home,
you're in the right place, friend.

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I had already spent a lot of time trying to make my living area more hospitable and functional, but I was getting frustrated when my ideas weren’t matching up with reality. Heather helped me identify my style, and I was amazed at how quickly she came up with budget-friendly design ideas with items I could purchase at stores near me. I absolutely love my new living room, and I learned so much from Heather in the process. 


Heather was able to envision with us what "could be" while giving practical and helpful suggestions to be able to move forward without the cloud of confusion. Heather is flexible, optimistic and realistic about what can work for you and your budget. She has fresh ideas to share while being considerate of your preferences.


Heather had nothing but helpful ideas and did a great job of really trying to understand the space I was working with, our budget, my dreams and desires for the room, and my decorating style. I left our time very inspired and her expertise helped me find solutions to things I had been puzzled about for a long time! I also went away with such helpful concepts when thinking through future rooms of our home that I wish to transform! 


Working with Heather was so much fun! She is flexible, knowledgable, and has a serious knack for using what decor and furniture pieces you already have and finding a purpose for them. I think that's what stood out the most for me—her tenacity to find a purpose out of decor pieces I'd given up on! Heather was excited to dive into everything and anything!


Heather was awesome in helping us stage our home to sell. She had great suggestions and the Pinterest board she created just for us made implementing the suggestions easy! We got such great feedback from home showings and our home sold within 24 hours.


kind words

Homes should not only be beautiful,
but also serve their owners well.

form + function

Homes should feel inviting, lived in, and cozy! Mysa [mee-suh] is a Swedish word that means 'to cozy up.'


Homes should not only be a haven for our families, but also a safe space for the broken and hurting world.


Homes that are filled with contentment and joy are the
best homes!

contentment + joy

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