Before & After: The Mysa Office

  1. Tanya Woodard says:

    Beautiful! Do you have any tips when thrift shopping for furniture or any unique finds?

    • Hey Tanya!

      Yes! I have tons of tips! That would be a great blogpost that I will definitely write and let you know when I do. But for starters, I’d say one of the biggest tips to finding good things is to go often. Even if you just pop in and quickly peruse through the furniture section or whatever you’re looking for, it’s helpful to go more frequently since things are always changing at thrift stores. Another tip that I alluded to in this post is to check the legs of older furniture that have skirts. Skirts aren’t really in right now and can make a piece of furniture look out-dated. But you really just need a screwdriver and/or pliers to get a skirt off, so if a piece has good legs that can be a great option for something that you might have otherwise overlooked.

      I’ll let you know when I write that post! 😉 Thanks for the good question!

  2. Abby Kuhlmann says:

    love the green trunk! 😉

  3. […] over the wallpaper in one of the rooms and he was. It made SUCH a difference (you can see it here), and we now spend way more time in that room because we actually like […]

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