How Radical Hospitality Changes Everything

  1. Kerry Sparks says:

    Thanks for putting this words, Heather. My parents had this same calling when they first moved into their home as a young couple (30+years ago!!) and have been hosting long and short-term residents ever since. Exchange students, young adults, missionaries, people in transition….some for a few days/weeks, others for a year or more!! I even moved my room to the attic for a few years so that someone could live in mine. And as a kid growing up with this, it continues to be a passion of mine. I am excited to share your article with others.

    • mysahomestyling says:

      That’s so inspiring! I love hearing about people that do this! I know I need to do it so as to ward off the idols of comfort, convenience, and self-serving. Those things too easily become my priority in life. My parents have also hosted… Danielle and I shared a room for a couple years while our youth pastor lived in the basement bedroom. And they continue to host Chinese students and other short-term stays. It’s a good reminder that our home (and other possessions) are the Lord’s for Him to use as a blessing to others.

  2. Beautiful! My husband is launching a life coaching business ( The people God keeps leading him to are those young adults who really need some further life training and discipleship before really being on their own in the world. Still looking for more ways we can share life with people in this intensive way without them living in our home (1150 sq ft for 5 people leaves little extra room for long term guests!)

    • mysahomestyling says:

      That’s so neat, Beth! Those couple years I spent on staff with a college ministry really showed me the importance of discipleship, and I think there are some really cool things that happen when that looks like more than just a weekly or monthly meeting over coffee (not that those aren’t great too!). I can imagine that it would be a bit cramped to have someone live with you, but even inviting these young adults into your home for dinner (and having them come early to help out!) could be a way to open your home to them. I know I always appreciated (and still do!) a good home cooked meal with a real family when I was in college. Praying for God to give us both creativity in hospitality and loving people with our homes!

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