How to Style an Entryway

  1. My “entry way” has ll of these elements in one way or another…the problem is that our only real entry (for us or guests) is through the front door and into the kitchen. There is no division between our door and kitchen. We have created a bit of division through a rug, coat tree and shoe hutch. However, with no closet near and limited space, it often looks cluttered. Any ideas to hide/arrange yet still easily access all life’s necessities?

    • Heather says:

      Hey Beth! The struggle is real! Certain house layouts can make it really tricky to have a true “entryway,” (ours dumps right into our living room, so I can understand some of your frustration). It sounds like you’ve done some great work trying to create that separation and organization with the rug, coat tree, and shoe hutch. I would say maximizing on wall space as much as you can would be an important key here (without seeing your space). For example, you might not have space for an entryway table, but perhaps could hang a thin shelf with some hooks. Also incorporating storage that has a small footprint, like this cabinet from Ikea: could be a great solution. Another idea is to search “small entryway” on Pinterest and get inspiration from how others have solved this problem in their own homes. Hope that helps!

  2. Pam Block says:

    A rug is so helpful in catching the first dust or wetness from incoming shoes. And, for areas of the world who take off their shoes to enter your home, a rug is also a nice landing spot for your guest’s shoes. All of your photos of entryways include a rug, so I’m guessing you’d agree, and just didn’t include it in your “top 5” list.

    • Heather says:

      Oh duh! I can’t believe I didn’t include a rug in entryway basics! I guess I just assume that’s a given… but it certainly isn’t. Good catch!

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