Our DIY IKEA Kitchen Renovation

  1. Bethany T Lynch says:

    So beautiful! I love how clean and bright the whole kitchen looks- what a wonderful space to cook and hang out in! We are looking to redo our tiny corner kitchen and I totally just sent your blog link to my husband and said, “this is what I want”. Thank you for including all the links! We live down the street from the IKEA here in Denver! What color white did you use on your walls? We are currently painting our whole house in, Snowbound by Sherwin Williams.

    • Heather Douglas says:

      Aww thanks, Bethany! That means a lot! I definitely had a few different kitchens that I took heavy inspiration from while designing ours. We actually just have the white straight from the can from Home Depot in all our living spaces! Haha. I liked it and it makes it easy to do touch-ups. Snowbound looks lovely and warm! Good luck on your kitchen redo… would love to see photos when it’s done!

  2. Suzanne V. says:

    Very inspiring! We are considering buying a 1960s home by the beach. It’s spotless but small and will definitely need updating. However, we are retired and are thinking it will be a fun project. Did you blog other projects from the home?

  3. Jenna says:

    Beautiful! Did you do the demo yourselves? And can you share the tile?

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