Remember the good ol’ days when the main (or only) way to consume information was by reading an actual real live book made of actual real live paper??? Those were the days! (Although, I’m not suggesting you leave this blog in lieu of a book quite yet!) Now that we have so many other options […]

Home Tips & Tricks

July 20, 2017

My Favorite Home Design Books

My Favorite Home Design Books | Mysa Home Styling | Interior Design & Styling | Minneapolis Minnesota

Happy Friday night folks! Need some late night inspiration for your home?  Whether you’re looking for the perfect white paint color or are curious where you should shop for organizational tools, I’ve got you covered! And please do not miss out on the top 3 design tips by my (#iliketothinkwerebesties) styling role model, Emily Henderson. They are […]

Style Snag

June 17, 2016

Style Snag // Vol II

Hi friends! I am back from a long weekend up north with my family, and although the time was relaxing and fun, it feels good to be back! One of my favorite pastimes is perusing through home design blogs and gathering all kinds of inspiration and tips. And sometimes, I come across a blogpost that […]

Style Snag

June 7, 2016

Style Snag // Vol I

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